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The Accessibility of Porn

We live in a technologic world. Everything and anything can be accessed in a matter of seconds with a quick click of the mouse. It can also be from anywhere in the world using either your phone or tablet. The Internet can be a used as a tool for work, fun, and social intake. But more often than not, it is used to fill peoples mind with filth society says is ‘€œokay.’€

The access to pornography has increasingly become faster and easier than ever before. According to Covenant Eyes, research shows that 1 in 5 searches for porn are from mobile devices. It is easy to view. Once you are isolated at home alone, in your room with a tablet, the temptation can become overwhelming. According to Fight the New Drug, 25% of search engine requests are sex related. That is about 68 million searches a day. But it is easy to hide when you clear your browsing history.

Having a run-in with porn is becoming a more and more regular occurrence, even when it is not be purpose. Covenant Eyes found in a survey from 2010, over 25% of teens ages 16 and 17 were exposed to porn online, ‘€œWhen they did not want to see it.’€ No one is in the clear from facing the dangers of finding porn online, even if you didn’€™t mean to. It could be a tempting advertisement or link that popped up during your web browsing. However, the age when kids first experience porn has become younger and younger and is very alarming. Fight the New Drug also discovered the average age of being exposed to porn for the first time is at 11 years old.

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