Are you new to faith? If you’re like most people, you’ve no doubt asked the questions, “Isn’t there more to life than this?” “Why am I here – what was I created to do?”

You and I have one life to live and so we need to live it on purpose.

God gave you and I our lives so we can experience all that He wants for us. A healthy parent always wants the best for their child and as our Heavenly Father, God created you and I so we would live our lives to the full. Unfortunately, we often look around our world and see counterfeit routes to fullness – sex, drugs, fantasy and escapism of many different kinds. All of these things last a short time, and ultimately crash in heart ache and brokenness. Since the beginning of mankind we have been striving to find this fullness but sadly it’s always ended in feeling empty and unfulfilled.

That’s why God provided a remedy. 2000 years ago, on a real date in history, God entered into humanity as the Son of God – Jesus Christ. No one had ever done what He was about to do – live a perfect life of service, perform miraculous healings, live imperfect people, and died a selfless life so that everyone who calls upon His name would be saved from a life of emptiness and eternity apart from God. And to prove His deity and power over death He rose from His violent crucifixion to begin the largest faith movement in history of the human race.

We too can be saved from this empty life.

So you will be saved, if you honestly say, ‘€œJesus is Lord,’€ and if you believe with all your heart that God raised him from death. Romans 10:9 (CEV)

We need to follow Jesus and give Him the life He gave us in the first place.

Say this prayer to Jesus-

“Jesus – Thank you for coming to save me. I ask you to forgive my past choices and receive me as I am in my present state. I want to live my life in You and for You. Lead me in my future decisions and grant me the strength to say no to living selfishly and pursue Your movement to save all of your children from the evil society has created. Amen.”

Jesus said, ‘€œIn the same way there is more happiness in heaven because of one sinner who turns to God than over ninety-nine good people who don’€™t need to.’€ Luke 15:7 (CEV)

Heaven is excited for you. When you join a movement things change. Now the way you see yourself is different. You’€™ve given your allegiance to the movement and it’€™s mission is now the most important thing.

Jesus is needs to be your true north.

He wants to guide your heart, your mind, and your strength so that your soul can be plugged into His supernatural source of power, the power that raised Him from death, to LIVE your one and only life to the full.

‘€˜Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.’€™
Luke 10:27 (CEV)

A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.
John 10:10 (CEV)

We can also compare becoming a Christian to a new relationship. We would never begin dating someone and then never speak to them again – not if we love them. Time must be spent growing the relationship like a seed grows into a mighty, living tree. Below are some things you must make a priority as you grow your new salvation. Your desire will be to leave the movement, to stop pursuing your relationship with Jesus, because the devil and his legion of demons want you to be destroyed. They have deceived the world we live in to believe that God doesn’€™t exist, or, if He does, He is to be hated and cursed. In short, the world does not understand or know the salvation you’€™ve received.

If the people of this world hate you, just remember that they hated me first.
John 15:18 (CEV)

Everyone will hate you because of me. But if you remain faithful until the end, you will be saved.
Matthew 10:22 (CEV)

So stay faithful. Live IN Christ. Don’€™t just sprinkle Him – dive into His presence, His Word the Bible, and be bathed in truth. The Prescription below will help you to take these beginning steps as a


Ok… so now you’€™re wondering… what am I going to do with this? Usually getting a prescription means that someone’€™s sick or that someone’€™s in pain.That might be but, well, the truth is that you need this prescription because RemedyLIVE wants you to:


We’€™ve provided thousands of copies of our Teen Bible, THE CURE, to your generation because we genuinely care about how you live your life. We want you to avoid being like every sad story WE hear so often… another teen who’€™s believed the lie that life is a game and experimentation with out of bounds living is OK.



Download the CURE BIBLE for teens by downloading our iTunes App.


‘€œTonight 40% of American children will go to sleep in fatherless homes.’€
(Dr. John Diggs, M.D., Jan. 26, 2001)

‘€œAmerica has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the developed world with 3 million teenagers infected each year. As a result, the healthcare costs are enormous – $10 billion a year.’€
(www.bestfriendsfoundation.org, ‘€œMessage from the President’€)

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), surpassed only by accidents and homicide. (The Nemours Foundation, 2005)

Last year 15 million prescriptions were written for antidepressants for children and teenagers. Suicide rates have now DOUBLED for children of 5-14 years old in the past generation… (Research by James W. Prescott, Ph.D., 2005)

The largest consumer of Internet pornography is the 12-17 age group.

Research shows that more than 90 percent of those who have eating disorders are women between the ages of 12 and 25. In addition, hundreds of thousands of boys are affected by these disorders.
U.S. DHHS Office on Women’€™s Health, 2000 and The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, 2003

Approximately 15 percent of 10th and 12th graders have used amphetamines. In a study at San Francisco General Hospital, 25 percent of seizures were found to be caused by amphetamine use. An estimated 1.8 million (0.8 percent) of youth age twelve and older are current users of cocaine.

In short- The Bible is a CURE for selfishness and a remedy to selflessness.


Well you probably figured out that The Bible is more than a book. Books have changed lives, to be sure, but The Bible is so much more than just pages bound to make a book.

The Bible is a MAP for living life. In order for anyone to arrive at a destination they must figure out how they’€™re going to get there. The Bible reveals the BEST way to journey through YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE.

Some of the guidance comes through stories of ancient people, much like you and me, who made mistakes so we don’€™t need to. Others chose to ACCEPT and LIVE by The Bible so that they could LIVE THEIR LIFE TO THE FULL each and every moment they were given. Besides stories we are given WISDOM passages that, if applied to our lives, can SPIRITUALLY EMPOWER us to be and do things that a majority of people only dream of.

The bottom line is that The Bible is a LOVE LETTER from YOUR CREATOR.


It will start the journey to helping you discern truth from among the daily lies you’€™re being fed that could increase the sad statistics we read about under the CURE FOR WHAT?.


SIMPLY PUT, THE BIBLE (The CURE) IS THE MOST influential book ever written. Not only is the Bible the best-selling book of all time, it is the best-selling book of the year every year.


Whenever you’€™re dealing with an ancient writing like the Bible you know that people will be skeptical about its accuracy. Let’€™s make one thing clear -The Bible is more than ready to stand up to the critics. In fact, if you’€™re investigating The Bible and think you’€™re the first to ever ask questions about the Bible’€™s validity, you need to know that millions of others have done the same and still The Bible holds strong as the unshakeable love letter from our Creator God.

The Bible is a one of the oldest books known to humankind. ‘€œThe Bible is like a small library that contains many books written by many authors. The word ‘€œBible’€ comes from the Greek word biblia, meaning ‘€œbooks.’€ It took more than 1,100 years for all of those books to be written down, and it was many more years before the list of books now known as the Bible came together in one large book.’€

The Old Testament

The process began with what we know as the Old Testament, a collection of the oldest books written. Many of them started as stories, passed down from generation to generation in what was called ‘€œoral tradition.’€ You see, the alphabet, the printing press and the internet were still all things that had to be invented! As God interacted with His creation, stories began to form. Later, when writing was created (around 1800 B.C.), people began to place the books on papyrus and animal hides, documenting for the first time in centuries, the rich history of God’€™s children. In short, the Old Testament is made up of the ‘€œstory’€ of God’€™s formation of the Hebrew people (later known as the Jews) into a nation.

The New Testament

The ‘€œNew’€ Testament is a matter of perspective of course. There’€™s very little new about letters that came to us 1900 years ago. But as the Jewish Scriptures were being gathered as ‘€œofficial’€ between 400 B.C. and A.D. 100 Jesus arrives upon the scene, a Jew himself. In A.D. 30 Jesus’€™ teachings and stories about his life, death and resurrection begin to flourish, again on the back of ‘€œoral tradition.’€ It’€™s not until A.D. 65, or around this time, that these stories begin to be written down and labeled ‘€œThe Gospels’€ which makes up half of what is known as the New Testament. The rest of the books come to us from letters written by those who knew Jesus personally and wrote these letters as encouragement for other believers around the modern world of the time, much like we do in spreading what is true when we communicate via the web.

As Jesus and his early followers were devout Jews, the Old Testament Jewish Scriptures were regarded as God’€™s Word complemented later with the New Testament Gospels and Letters. ‘€œIn A.D. 367, the bishop of Alexandria named Athanasius wrote a letter that listed the twenty-seven books he said Christians should consider authoritative.‘€ Together these twenty-seven books, along with the books of the Old Testament, became known as the Bible as we know it today. It’€™s hard to believe by modern technology standards, but the Bible was hand written up until A.D. 1456 when the printing press was invented. Recent findings in the last century have turned up ancient scrolls that have allowed modern scholars to better understand the way certain texts were translated hundreds of years ago. Through the ancient art of ‘€œoral tradition’€ mixed with print and web distribution, The Bible lives on for you now reading this.


If you’€™re a reader you have your favorites. If you don’€™t like to read well then…. thanks! You’€™re reading… good for you! The question that seems most relevant to someone holding The Bible in their hand is- ‘€œWhy should I read it?’€ Well the truth is you probably shouldn’€™t. Like we said earlier, The Bible, isn’€™t your ordinary book. It’€™s filled with WISDOM, REVELATION and WONDER. It’€™s truly a book full of incredible mysteries. So unless you’€™re ready for LIFE CHANGE then reading this could be risky. For example, amidst these pages are solutions for every situation you can face in life. But they’€™re written from a perspective that requires SUBMISSION & SUPREMACY… in other words you need to look at these pages that require you to become less so your Creator can become more. When you do that the words speak directly to YOU and your life situation –


It’€™s as if the reading you do each day FITS the life choices you need to make …. WHO WOULDN’€™T WANT THAT KIND OF INSIDE TRACK? This book truly is a CURE for the questions of life that imprison so many teenagers every day.


But as in all things of God, it’€™s not meant to be ordinary. The Bible is not meant to be read like a normal book, beginning on page one and working towards the back. So much of what this book centers on is the life of Jesus and His desire to testify to the TRUTH. So because of that I want to give you a simple prescription of reading as you work through this incredible book.


1. Start reading the book of John in the New Testament. Then follow it with Matthew, Mark and Luke. These are books written about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Consider the authors the media paparazzi of the day. Each of them took snapshots of Jesus and wrote down what they saw and heard and so each one has a different perspective for the reader with unbelievable overlap with the other authors.

2. Move back to the books of Genesis and Exodus of the Old Testament. It’€™s in these early books that you will see about the creation of the world, humanity’€™s desire to be in charge, God’€™s plan to have a relationship with His children, and the fundamental building blocks that He sets out for humankind if they wish to live their life in bounds rather than in pain.

3. Visit the books of Romans, Colossians, James, and 1 John. After step one of the life of Jesus and step two of the story of God’€™s pursuit you are now ready to see how the two intersect into what is called DOCTRINE. You will begin to see the building blocks of what a Christ follower needs to know if they desire to move away from living a mediocre life and rise up to the PERFECT plan our Creator has for us.

4. And all the rest:) Warning!!!! The rest of the Bible requires a connection to God that is extraordinary. You must be willing to ask God, ‘€œWhat does this mean?’€ so He can reveal to you what He wishes you to see. Some books will be very difficult because of the WHY and WHAT of their origin – an ancient culture and middle eastern context.


Reading the Bible alone is only part of the puzzle. In order for it to transform your life you need to walk through its pages with others.

Life was always meant to be lived in relationship with others. But in today’€™s culture so much of what people are doing is based in isolation. The internet has created a place with all kinds of relational opportunities but often it turns into people uploading videos and photos of themselves with the hope that someone will notice. With everyone longing for significance it’€™s often a self-centered world.

Well someone has noticed. Your Creator has placed all kinds of people around you who do care… you just haven’€™t met all of them yet. Some people define church as a building on a corner with a steeple and a cross. The Bible defines the church as people (Ephesians 1:23) who gather together to be an expression of love and acceptance of what Jesus calls us to – ‘€œLove others as much as you love yourself’€ (Matthew 22:39).

Because of this you can no longer do life in isolation, by yourself. You need a church community and a youth group. You need a mentor.

To let us help you find a church community click here.


You also need friends who are truly friends. Do they live out Matthew 22:39, ‘€œLove others as much as you love yourself.’€? Do they love you with your needs, the life you have ahead and your well being in mind? We all THINK we have people around us who care but are they letting you slip down the slide of emptiness or are they challenging you to grow, find your purpose, and live a TRULY HAPPY LIFE?

1Cor. 15:33 Don’€™t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you.

So find a church. Don’€™t know where to begin? Contact us at RemedyLIVE.com. We have all kinds of church families that we would love to introduce to you. Then next we encourage you to find a mentor… but what’€™s a mentor you ask?

A mentor is a person who’€™s willing to speak INTO your life in such a way that it empowers you to live with accountability and ambition. A mentor chats, listens, and loves as Jesus does – in truth… speaking INTO your life in such a way that you see that they TRULY care about your destination, your starting point, and the space in between.


Well it starts with letting God be the divine ‘€œmeet and greet’€ Master. He knows the perfect someone for you. He’€™s aware of the person whose life has already been shaped so it can connect with what you’€™ve been going through.

Step One to Getting a Mentor: Ask God for One
Step Two to Getting a Mentor: Ask a Pastor for One
Step Three to Getting a Mentor: Seek out the Person You Believe Has the Character You’€™re Longing For!


Well… kind of.

Seriously… remember, The Bible is God’€™s Word revealed to the authors of its books for us to read. Because it’€™s from God, it’€™s not just ordinary literature that you’€™re taking into your mind as you read the pages. Take a look at what The Bible says about itself…

‘€œHeb. 4:12 What God has said isn’€™t only alive and active! It is sharper than any double-edged sword. His word can cut through our spirits and souls and through our joints and marrow, until it discovers the desires and thoughts of our hearts.’€

So as we read, or digest, the things in The Bible, our mind begins to change about the things in our everyday lives. We start to see truth where only lies were before. The places in our life where we were deceived about being ok with addictions and downhill living are replaced with PURPOSE, HOPE and an HONESTY about the spoon full of poison that the world is feeding us.

Romans 12:2 Don’€™t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think.

Notice it says, ‘€œlet God change the way you think.’€ The change that’€™s happening to you is supernatural, spiritual and strengthened because God is the one doing the speaking.


When God interacts with people they are never the same. Oh sure, they can try and return to self-centered thinking but the truth is God’€™s word does not return empty – it always accomplishes that which it set out to do (Isaiah 55:11).

2 Timothy 3:16, 17 Everything in the Scriptures is God’€™s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. The Scriptures train God’€™s servants to do all kinds of good deeds.

The Bottom Line is that The Bible will change the way you think about your one and only life.


The world is a big place with many, many different types of people. According to the US Census at the time of this writing there were 7 billion people on the planet and each one of them has an OPINION about what or who God is. Because of this it’€™s easy to hear about many different perspectives on the greatest question a human being can ever ask, ‘€œWho is God?’€ According to Religionfacts.com there are many different people groups that make up world religions. In many of the groups, people are born into their religion because of the cultural expectations that surround the family. In others it’€™s about individual choice after a personal investigation of the question, ‘€œWho is God?’€

Humankind has been notorious in creating their version of God. Men with great aspirations of power claimed to experience God and wrote down what they experienced so they could control the people in their surrounding influence. Unfortunately this has historically ended in wars, death and pain – all things that come as a by-product of human societies wanting to be dominant over other societies. To the other extreme we see TOLERANCE surface, a mindset that agrees that everyone’€™s right, thus making the issue about ‘€œWho is God?’€ a moot, illogical point. No wonder the world has 1.1 billion atheists. Sometimes it’€™s easier to not believe when so many voices are screaming that they know the TRUTH.

Well what does God say about who He is? According to the Hebrew Bible, or the Old Testament, God says-

Is. 45:5 Only I am the LORD! There are no other gods.

Well then. How do we respond to this in light of a tolerant world where every religion and opinion about God is accepted? Or in a world where many people have written God off as non-existent and imaginary?

The God of the Hebrew Bible, revealed to humankind through the life of Jesus Christ, is the only God who backed up WHO HE SAID HE WAS by coming to earth, living among us, and ultimately sacrificing Himself so we can know Him personally.

History shows that Jesus Christ is the only ‘€œprophet’€ that backed up His claims of being God by living a blameless life, performing self-less miracles and dying a sacrificial death. The greatest evidence we have to support His claim, ‘€œI am the way, the truth, and the life!’€ is through the resurrection from the dead. He said it, He proved it and The Bible celebrates it.


One of the greatest arguments against Christians is the disunity among faith groups. Catholics vs. Protestants, Methodists and Southern Baptists… why does Christianity have so many different TYPES of churches if they ALL believe the same thing?

This can be very confusing, even to a Christian. Some churches worship God with instruments that make it look like a rock show. Others choose to use an organ and piano with the classic hymns providing the lyrics. Some churches have stained glass windows that tell the story of Jesus coming to earth for all humankind while other churches use the latest video technology to engage the attenders in an experience.

But some churches are different not because of appearance or methodology but instead because of core doctrine.

Doctrine is defined as a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated.

When churches differ on doctrine they choose to make one thing more important than another. For example one denomination, or group of churches, might choose to make missions work the most important thing, that is, reaching out to others. Another church might focus mainly on worship and dedicating themselves to experiencing supernatural things.

The important thing is to remember that all christian churches make the main thing Jesus. We all get dressed each morning but not everyone likes the same outfit.


So you’€™re in a bookstore, shopping for a Bible, and you notice that there are many selections on the shelf. Different colors, sizes and support aides. But then you realize that each of the Bibles are written differently, that somehow they’€™ve been translated differently. How can that be? Isn’€™t the Bible… the Bible?

Well, the original text of the Bible is still Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT). But as scholars look at the original languages they use contemporary words to express what’€™s being said. The core meaning stays the same among translations because of the Hebrew or Greek, but the way it’€™s said may change based on the translation.

The Cure Teen Bible is written in the CEV translation, which stands for the Contemporary English Version. This translation is easy to understand with a strong emphasis on making the Bible’€™s message straightforward in a way that matches the English language of today.


The Bible does read in context which means that it is giving an account based on the ancient middle eastern culture it was written in. That’€™s one of the most important things you as a reader must know when you look through the books of The Bible- context.

In a male-dominated, highly religious society, things will seem considerably different than our modern-day lifestyle. But even amidst the stories of shepherds and kings worshiping false gods, there are themes we can all identify with. Pride, selfishness and choosing one’€™s own way rather than God’€™s way is a theme you will see woven through The Bible.

However, even with its many cultural differences, it’€™s amazing how many of the narratives, wisdom pieces and apocalyptic visions are true to NOW in today’€™s context. We may now live in the age of immediate information exchange and social networking but our core issues still seem to be the same, if not worse.

Regardless of the cultural shift in the last 2,000 years, humans continue to reap what they sow, living self-centered lives amidst God-given opportunities. Indeed, we are still in need of The Bible.


Col. 2:8   Don’€™t let anyone fool you by using senseless arguments. These arguments may sound wise, but they are only human teachings. They come from the powers of this world and not from Christ.

Science has done a fantastic job, for centuries, of trying to disprove the existence of an intelligent designer. It’€™s worsened in the last 100 years due to more and more evolution-focused education in our school systems. If you’€™re taught from a young age that certain people are inferior, you grow up believing that lie to be true. It’€™s similar to people’€™s modern-day approach to the Bible. Teenagers today have been taught lies that the Bible is full of errors, that Jesus was not who the Bible says He is, and the miracles and supernatural things that we see in The Bible prove that the Bible is more like a fairy tale than God’€™s love letter to humankind. What all of this creates is a disbelief that is so strong that people choose to create an entire world view that writes off the things of God – without any personal investigation.

Most people discount the Bible purely out of worry that, if they do read it, it will dummy them down as a scientific thinker, or worse yet – challenge them to submit to God’€™s direction for their life. Most people don’€™t want to give up the ‘€œdo anything I want’€ mindset… even with its horrible consequences.


A few things we’€™d like to tell you from RemedyLIVE as your start your new journey. We call it the 7 Gauges.

1. Remember that you need a TRUE NORTH in your life. Everyone will have an agenda for what you should do and how you should think. Always remember that Jesus was born to testify to the truth (John 18:37) ….He is your TRUE NORTH. Rely on Him!!

2. Never Be Satisfied with Staying the Same. Jesus is in the TRANSFORMATION business and that’€™s why it’€™s so important to build in habits like reading The CURE and praying.

3. Live Your Life in Bounds! Experimentation and pushing the boundaries in life always leads to baggage. In a culture that brags about all the naughty things it’€™s done, you need to see through the lies – playing with fire will get you burned.

4. You Become Like the People You Hang Out With. If you decide to surround yourself with friends that regularly make poor choices, don’€™t care about their future and ultimately living without purpose, then you will reflect their values. On the other side of the tracks, if you hang out with people who are pursuing a full life, following God’€™s direction, and striving to help others, you will rise to their example.

5. Use Your Brain and Plug it Into Truth. Wisdom is not a high value in today’€™s culture. Opinion, bias and being like everyone else seems to be the norm. God gave you a brain that He wants to download all kinds of wisdom to, but you have to choose to login to The Cure to burn it to memory.

6. Parents are People Too. If you find it hard to submit to your parents and other authority figures in your life, you will NEVER fully understand what it means to LIVE ON PURPOSE. Following God means making yourself a servant, even when you’€™re right and they’€™re wrong. On the flip side–they were young once and learned from their mistakes… so you don’€™t need to make the same ones.

7. Selfish or Selfless? Our culture today is so ME centered. Rarely do we see people make sacrifices to serve others, even though we know that deep down it feels right to give. Living the life Jesus bought for you must involve keeping others in mind. He laid His life down for us to show us the ultimate sacrifice–always help others.



So let us pray for you…

‘€œDear God. We pray for your child. We pray that they will passionately pursue this new salvation, this new relationship with You. We pray protection for them in Jesus name that they would be covered by the blood of Christ as they re-enter the world and make a stand for their new found faith. We pray that they would find a church and a youth group where they can get Godly community. We pray that they will find mentors that will challenge them and help them see all that they can be in Christ. We offer this child to you God. Holy Spirit, please fill them with your wisdom, your conviction and your power. Father God, provide for them the environment that will help them grow their new faith in You. And Jesus- may your Word be a lamp unto their feet as they walk the rest of their lives in You so we might meet again in paradise together as the family of God. We pray this prayer in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Remember- we’€™re just a mouse click away- click the chat button at the top of the screen and let us help you with your new faith!

If you’d like to learn more about who Jesus is and what He wants for us watch our Basics of Christianity videos here.

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