Drugs and Alcohol: The Party Scene

The party scene is a place full of action and drama. Friends come together to blow off some steam and enjoy the people around after a long week. Not all parties though follow the norm of serving good food, punch, and silly games for everyone to laugh at each. Instead, temptations that can be harmful like drugs and alcohol are sometimes present.

People are in one room, throwing ping-pong balls and quarters into cups of beer. While in another room, others are making deals for pills so they can feel a buzz later that night and the rest of that week. You are attending this party with a couple of friends who heard about it at school. Your friends join in with the drinking and game. Another buddy buys some pills from a few suspicious characters you have never seen before. Have you experience a party like this?

What do you do in this situation? Do you join the crowd and try to fit in? Remember the dangers that come with using drugs and alcohol. The risk of overdosing, alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, even mixing the two together will put your life into serious jeopardy. Just because others around you are doing it doesn’€™t make it cool or right. Addiction can be crippling to yourself and ones that love you. Nobody wants to see you go into rehab. Make the decisions that will benefit you in the long run, rather than the short-term pleasure.

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