Emotions and Self-Harm

Emotions can be stronger than we think. We sometimes only acknowledge emotions like happiness, sad, and anger to name a few. The emotions we run away from like depression, disgust, and fear can overrun our thinking process. This in turn affects our coping methods of dealing with those emotions

How do you handle those emotions? Do you run and hide? Do you sit and sulk feeling horrible about whatever may have happened? Maybe you resort to self-harm? The method of harming yourself can vary. Many see cutting as an escape. According to TeenHelp.com, 55% of those who cut say they use it as a way to get their minds off of their problems. 45% say it helped them to relax or relieve stress.

Of course, this is not the only form of self-harm. Some people resort to burning themselves with a lit match, cigarettes, or other hot objects to put over a flame. Simpler forms include punching or hitting oneself. This is an attempt to numb the internal pain of an issue by trying to replace it with physical pain.

However, there is a God who loves you and is offering you grace and healing. He wants you to come to him with all your issues and problems. Offering those to him can help you release the emotional toll you put on yourself, inside of keeping them bottled up.

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