Below are a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about RemedyLIVE:

  1. Is my conversation truly anonymous?
    • Well, kind of.  The information we collect during your registration, your identity (email, zip code, or mobile #), is kept from our SoulMedic staff so they only see an ID number connected with your profile that our custom chat software generates. They will see your age, gender and IP (internet protocol) address so they have a little idea of who you are, but unless you tell the SoulMedic more, they just have this to work with. Your email, zip code, and mobile # is stored in a secure server deep in the bowels of the RemedyLIVE cloud heaven and only accessed if there is an emergency involving you via your chat information. Only upper management at RemedyLIVE can access your personal information and under no circumstance will the information be provided to anyone other than medical or emergency personal should it be needed.
  2. Why do you not chat with people younger than 13 years of age?
    • One word: Coppa. Check out more about Coppa here. We at RemedyLIVE feel that the issues we produce video content about and try to tackle head on should be with young men and women 13 years and older. If you are younger than 13 years of age and would like to interact with our web site you may get your parent/guardian to contact our office directly at 1.888.807.2226.
  3. What is a SoulMedic?
    • A SoulMedic is a staff person of RemedyLIVE who works for us by chatting with clients (you) who visit our web site looking for guidance on an issue. They are screened with a criminal background check, trained by our staff of mental health care professionals, and empowered to chat on behalf of RemedyLIVE. All chats are recorded for evaluation and every measure possible is used to make sure our SoulMedic team is above reproach. Each SoulMedic must be over 20 years of age and a committed believer to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  4. Can I call a SoulMedic?
    • All contact with our SoulMedic team is to be done through the RemedyLIVE chat software. Under no circumstances do we allow our SoulMedic team to have contact with clients outside of our chat software. This includes phone calls, social media, email, or any other type of correspondence.
  5. Is chat the only way I can have a conversation with a SoulMedic?
    • Yes. We do not use any other way to have an anonymous conversation at this time.

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