Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Why do good people die? Why do hard workers lose their jobs? Why are loving parents unable to conceive children? Why do innocent children get abused? Why do thousands of people die from hunger and thirst? If there is a God out there, a loving God, why does he allow you to suffer?

The pain you feel. The deep overpowering hurt that fills your thoughts. The instant replay rolling through you head on a never-ending cycle. The harsh reality that you genuinely don’€™t know how to move on from this. You feel so small because of the storm of trauma and fear that’€™s standing right in front of you. The world is scary. Everywhere you turn, every news report, every paper, and every article shared on Facebook is filled with dark deeds done by bad people and unpreventable events done to helpless people. You can’€™t escape it. You want to keep living your life and pretend like these things don’€™t affect you. Pretend like you aren’€™t worried every time you’€™re walking alone or leaving the country. The worst part is, there are no answers. No explanations. No reasons or justifications. It appears to be nothing but pain.

So why? Why do bad things happen? Doesn’€™t God know that it hurts?

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