Growing Up with an Abusive Father

You grow up in a typical family, with mom, dad, and a few other siblings. Everything is life is great. Everybody is happy and gets along. But one day, something is different with dad. His has been more angry than normal. Maybe he is just stressed with work. So you assume it is just a phase and hope everything will go back to the way things were.

Later, you notice mom hasn’€™t been herself lately either. She is quiet. Her head is down most of the day. She has also not been around the house as much either. Dad asks you do vacuum the house. Once you are finished, he is frustrated with you because you didn’€™t do it fast enough. He screams and lashes out. He then hits you in the face. You bleed and cry with no one to go to. It all makes sense. Dad has been physically abusing mom and now you.

You run to your room and lock the door. You sit in the corner sobbing. Your mind starts running, overcome by the moment of being physically abused. Questions being to swirl’€”how could he do this? Why would he hit me? I thought he loved us? Days pass and you feel unsafe. Dad is becoming more and more angry. It is almost the new norm for him to be continually screaming and shouting. You then start to despise your dad. You dream of when you grow-up; you will never be the person he was.

However, we have a God watching over us who loves you unconditionally. In the moments when we have no one to run or talk to, God is always there for you and He will never leave your side when your earthly father may have left you.

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