I’m Being Bullied

You walk around. Second questioning everything you do. Trying to not do the wrong thing but desperately trying to stay under the radar. It seems as if no matter how hard you try, they always find something wrong with you. You might not even know why they started targeting you’€¦or maybe you do. Regardless you never would have imagined it escalating to this. Where you don’€™t want to go out in the morning. Where you just want to hide under the covers of your safe bed’€¦where you can get away from the torment. Well. At least you used to be safe there. Tired Of Holding This InUntil the tormenting followed you home, in your head. Now you just lay there replaying every comment, every lie, and every attack. At first, you were able to ignore them and what they said. It didn’€™t stick. You didn’€™t allow yourself to believe what they said, but as time went on you got weak and were tired of fighting back and allowed yourself to start entertaining the lies. You entertained them for so long that you maybe even began to believe them.

You walk around and feel as if everyone has heard the awful things that have been said about you. You slowly became more and more emotionally defensive and have begun to push away those who you care about. You try your hardest to not let anyone know how much it hurts. But the truth is’€¦ it does. You feel alone and as if you will never be good enough. Never be good enough for them. Never be good enough for God. Never good enough for yourself.

Feeling like you are all on your own is one of the scariest feelings. Especially when you feel as if no one cares. But the truth is, we care. We care about you and your struggle’€¦and we want to help. We have people at the RemedyLIVE chat center who want to talk with you today. All you have to do is go to the homepage and click on the ‘€œchat with a SoulMedic now’€ button. Chat with us today and release the struggle that you have been keeping inside of you.

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