Maybe I Should Get An Abortion

Maybe you’€™re a planner. Or maybe you’€™re not. Maybe you just take one step at a time and act accordingly. Regardless, you didn’€™t see this one coming.

You’€™re scared.

You knew it could happen, you knew that it did happen to some people’€¦but never expected that you would be one of them. A majority of your time is spent trying to make sense of the life surrounding you and trying to take care of yourself. How are you going to take care of another life? One that is completely reliant upon you. Every flaw or thing you don’€™t like about yourself comes flooding in and you begin to completely doubt your ability to do this. You begin to think about being a mother and the pressure it would entail and the difficult decisions you would have to make. You begin to think about your life now and the freedom you have to do whatever you want whenever you want’€¦what would people say? What would people think?

This will completely change your life as you know it’€¦ and you couldn’€™t be more terrified.

This overwhelming feeling comes over when you think about  it’€¦ like a herd of wild horses all running at you. You feel completely out of control and if you don’€™t do something quick, youpeace are going to get run over and trampled by life. The worst part is that you feel alone, as if no one could ever understand how you are feeling. You wish someone would just tell you what to do and how to handle the situation, but you know ultimately you are going to be the one who chooses’€¦and regardless of which you do, that decision will affect the rest of your life.

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