Men and The Fight Against Binge Eating

Imagine a teenage boy and his friends going out to eat after a late Friday night football game. He scans the menu to order a large plate of wings, and scarfs them down with no hesitation. The boy returns home feeling full of food and regret. He looks into the mirror acknowledging he’€™s put a few more pounds then he would have liked. Believe it or not there are males who struggle with an eating disorder.

At home, he turns on the television to watch finely tuned athletes with sculpted physiques displaying feats only professionals can perform. He wishes to be like them, but knows he is limited to only what he can since he is overweight. His self-worth sinks. Later at football practice, he has trouble keeping up with his teammates in the drills and workouts. He puts in more work hoping to see results sooner rather than later. He begins to question whether or not he will ever lose the weight. How much is enough? Can he still enjoy the foods he loves? He thinks, “Will I ever get to the weight I want?”

The coaches yell and scream, demanding more and more, but ultimately make him feel worthless. This continues into the locker room as fat jokes, in addition to names from his teammates are thrown his way. Fatty. Jumbo. Tubby. He can’€™t leave soon enough.

In order to escape his problem, he finds comfort in the snacks at home. He realizes the food he is eating is only adding to the problem and he can’€™t find control. He feels shame overcoming him. The boy thinks when he gets the ‘€œperfect body,’€ all his issues will simply go away.

A common misconception in our society is that body image is only a struggle for women. According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), 40% for people who struggle with binge eating are male. The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness found that men who have an eating disorder suffer from depression, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing, and other harmful traits.

Here at RemedyLIVE we know how a secret struggle can cause harm in one’s life. We know the thoughts of wanting to be better and changing the way you look and feel. There is comfort in God because of his eternal love that will never forsake us. He is the creator and makes no mistakes. He loves you for who are. You can talk with a SoulMedic on our 24/7 chat, or you can text ‘€œREMEDY’€ to 494949. Chat with us today.

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