I Have No Real Friends

Sure, maybe you ‘€œhave’€ friends. You talk to them in between classes and usually hangout with them on the weekends. They are usually your go to person when you need to talk to someone. From an outsider looking in, yeah you guys are friends.

But in reality you feel like the friendship does more bad then good. Aren’€™t friendships supposed to be fun and uplifting? Something to distract you from the stress in your life and people you can go to share your heart and struggles with. Friends are supposed to be people who are there for you no matter what right? They are supposed to be those people who genuinely want the best for you.

When you look at your friendships though, you feel like you don’€™t matter to them. As if their life would be the same whether or not you were there. They actually talk to you only when it is convenient for them and only hangout with you when there is something that will benefit them through it. They would deny it of course if you called them out on it. You feel manipulated and disposable.

You want friends who are actually interested in how you are doing. How you are really doing. You want to be known. You’€™re tired of the unnecessary drama and the constant gossip. Always talking about someone behind their back and then being best friends with them again a couple hours later. It is draining and causes you to feel self conscious about who is doing the same thing to you.

Here at RemedyLIVE we have SoulMedics ready to chat with you now, who get it. They get the struggle of feeling alone and isolated even when people surround you. They understand the struggle of trying to find true friends who genuinely care about you. We want to hear your heart and about your struggle, and from there help you get the help that you deserve. Chat with us today!



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