Out Of Control

Things are constantly changing. Everywhere you look change is happening, people grow, events come and go, and life moves on. If you allow yourself to look at it for too long, and focus too generally on the world surrounding you’€¦its easy to realize you are out of control. There are too many unexpected situations to plan for all of them, too many people who’€™s minds think differently than yours, and far too many questions that go unanswered’€¦for you to actually keep everything in your control.

There is an overwhelming sensation that comes over you when you have this realization. Because you have to live a life with no guarantee of consistency. No knowledge about who will be in your life in 5 years, where you will be, or what you will be doing. Every time something new comes into play or something you liked and found security in changes’€¦you feel as if the ground below you falls out and there you are’€¦left falling into this dark pit of not knowing. You don’€™t know what’€™s going to be down there, if it will be warm, if it will be rocky, if it will be lonely. You just don’€™t know. That’€™s the scariest part. The unknown.

You long for security and consistency. You long for stabilization and reliance. You long or someone or something you can fall to when your world crashes down around you.

Here at RemedyLIVE, we get it. We understand that the world around us is ever changing and overwhelming. The best part is, we have hope for you. Chat with us today and we would love to share more about this hope with you and help you to get the help you deserve. Either text in with the keyword ‘€œremedy’€ to 494949, or go to our website and hit the chat now button.

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