Pop Culture Glamorizes Drug Uses

Think back to the last movie you’€™ve watched, or even your favorite television show. What made it so good? Was it suspenseful? Did it have a happy ending? Even if you aren’€™t a big fan of watching movies or TV, just looking at the shows at the top of the charts today relay false messages about drugs and alcohol.

Today, media and entertainers draw audiences to storylines full of drugs and drama. In some cases, shows about drug use and dealing- Breaking Bad for example, can be some of the most watched shows. Pop culture also laces drugs in the music industry with songs about getting high or faded. Popularizing drugs and alcohol makes them look attractive. This only makes people want to partake in them even more, thinking drugs are no big deal.

What happens when a person believes the lies of a glamourized lifestyle of drugs and alcohol? Well, some try to imitate their favorite shows and entertainers. People go out and find the drugs, but they lack the buzz and greatness they have seen.  Sooner or later, addiction will set in. Time and time again, the buzz just isn’€™t enough. A user may try larger doses to satisfy the craving. This can sometimes lead to an overdose, putting one’s life life in jeopardy. Using drugs will lead to a broken life. While the media profits, you suffer.

However, there is hope. Even if you have become dependent on drugs or alcohol, there are substitute medications, hotlines, centers, and recovery groups you can contact to find help. The most important thing to remember is that there is a God who loves you. Even with the mistakes you have made He sent down his son to die for your sins. Jesus doesn’€™t care about what your past looks like; He only cares about where you’re going.

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