Sex On The First Date?

The decision to have sex on the first date is almost always a time bomb that will destroy the potential for the relationship to succeed. When the bar is set at the physical, meaning, that the person you’ve dated is nothing more than a sexual encounter, then the chance of seeing the person, and even seeing yourself, as anything more is very unlikely. The precedent has been set and moving ahead with developing good communication, mutual respect, and a deeper trust is nearly impossible. Sex always clouds one’s judgement before a marriage covenant has been made and often becomes the greatest point of regret when that’s all that the relationship is based on.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you place value on getting sex from someone or value meeting someone special?
  • Do you define sex as something you “get” versus what sex was created for?
  • Do you have a long term plan on what baggage you might collect by living with a respect for sexuality?

If you’€™re struggling with this issue and need someone to talk to please click the ‘€œchat with a SoulMedic” button at the top of the page. By keeping your issue a secret you are giving it power to destroy your life while it spreads as a cancer into your thoughts, actions, and relationships. Isolation is the worst way to live a full life, because it convinces a person that no one needs to know, that no one really understands, and ultimately, that no one really cares. That’€™s not true! Life on life community is the best way for a person to flourish in their understanding of self, others and God. However, when we spend all our energies protecting our secret from the world this mindset can create an independence stronghold that feels true but is a lie really killing you from the inside out.

RemedyLIVE is committed to a conversation with you. As a faith based organization we believe the best way to carry out our mission is to serve all of His creation regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or age. Jesus calls us to love Him and love others because God created everyone – even those who don’€™t believe He exists!


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