When Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve To Die, Dies

Often times it is said that as humans we can’€™t comprehend eternity, because our lives are so time oriented. Things always have a start and a finish. But honestly sometimes it seems harder for us to comprehend death more than eternity. All we know, all we have experienced thus far is life. All we know is life, so the idea of someone dying and no longer being apart of that world’€¦is overwhelming. Especially if it is someone you loved, a friend, a parent, maybe a sibling.

Do you know what makes it even harder? That you cared about them.

They were nice. They were a good person. You don’€™t understand because they didn’€™t deserve to die. There are so many bad people in this world, why did it have to be someone who you loved? Someone who you knew well. Someone who you watched plan out the rest of their life beside you’€¦just to have it end a couple months later. When you think about it a pain starts in your heart, works its way up your throat, and then creeps its way into your eyes. From there you have a decision to make, you can either allow the tears to fall or to push it back down and pretend like you are okay. Regardless of which one you choose’€¦for the first time you feel a sadness that is almost paralyzing. The food you spilled in your car, the guy driving slow in front of you, the teacher who graded your test poorly, and any other stress that you previously felt like was the end of the world’€¦become exceptionally small. Then the scariest thought comes in, that it could have been you. That only leads to more unanswerable questions. You have so many and you want SO badly to just understand. To understand how someone just dies and is no longer here. How someone is hit suddenly with sickness and dies a couple hours later. How someone can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and be shot. How a young girl who was on her way home from buying her wedding dress can get hit by a car that crossed the divide, killing her instantly.

It’€™s hard. It’€™s painful. And it can be very easy to stop sharing your feelings with others, causing you to feel alone and isolated. As if you have to take on this challenging season all by yourself. But you don’€™t. Here at RemedyLIVE we know the importance of being honest with your struggles and pain. It is normal to feel sad and heartbroken, but there is hope and we would love to share it with you.

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