Confusion: When Someone You Love Commits Suicide

100 million different things are running through your head. Different thoughts. different feelings. But the one that stands out the most, the one that trumps all of the others, confusion. The big WHY. The one question that you just can’t make sense of, no matter how many times you run it through your head, no matter how many situations you come up with, and no matter how many reasons you create to explain ‘€¦it just doesn’€™t make sense.

There is sadness inside of you that you have never felt before. A deep painful hurt, a deep painful agony buried right in your heart’€¦and although you know that it is there, you don’€™t have the slightest clue how to handle it. And although that thing inside of you is making you sick, you’€™re not sure you even want to deal with. Is it easier to just ignore everything? To ignore the pain, confusion, loss, heartbreak, agony, and sadness. Is it something you can fight all by yourself? At first, you think maybe you can. Maybe it will just be easier for everyone that way, because no one else knows remembers them the way you did and no one else will have the right answers. But as time goes on you begin to realize it is eating away at you. The hurt you have stored is manifesting and growing’€¦and you feel stuck. Stuck in loneliness and apathy. Stuck in depression.

Here at RemedyLIVE we care. We know the importance of sharing your struggle’€”even if it’€™s scary at first and even if hurts more, initially. But when we take that step, when we open up about how we are TRULY doing, that darkness that has settled into our hearts gets exposed to light for the first time. You are not alone, you are not alone now, and you will never be alone. We want to help you get the help you deserve. We want to be that loving ear, who hears you out and listens to how you are feeling. Chat with us today by clicking on the ‘€œChat Now’€ button or texting ‘€œRemedy’€ to 494949.

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