Struggling With Suicide – Levi Macallister

Levi the Poet shares about the suicide of his Father and how his choice to end his his life affected him, his family, and others. Levi shares how people who struggle with suicidal thinking must realize that they’re not alone and God is bigger than any obstacles we might find ourselves up against.

Levi Macallister - Struggling With Suicide
Levi the Poet

If you’re struggling with suicidal thinking please click the CHAT NOW WITH A SOULMEDIC button at the top the screen so we can hear your story. By chatting with our team you can begin to take the steps needed out of isolation and into a meaningful conversation that allows another human being to know what you’re dealing with.

You’€™re not alone! One in five teenagers in the U.S. have suicidal ideation annually. 


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