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Social Media Anxiety

A large item contributing to social media anxiety is the compare-and-despair factor; that is, doctored pictures of friends on a vacation in Mexico seems to make your Dairy Queen-filled weekend pale in comparison, which in turn can lead to unsettling anxiety.

Do you spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed looking at what everybody else is doing? Do you feel your chest tighten as you see pic after pic, but don’t know why?

This is what experts are calling social media anxiety. Your brain has become trained to look at the images you see through social media apps and, whether you do it consciously or not, you’re comparing your situation to theirs. Obviously most people scroll through the socials when they’re by themselves so this creates a further pressure that others are “having fun” or “with people” and you’re all alone. But of course… it’s all an illusion.

Images that are posted do not indicate the 24/7 lifestyle of an individual. In fact, a great majority of people that do post online only upload images of the good, and not the bad. But when you or I see their images we don’t connect those dots. We only believe that their life is great and don’t do the mental math to acknowledge that their struggles just don’t make it online. It’s here, in the moment of silence and isolation, that you and I convince ourselves that our life is not as good as theirs, and that we don’t have the friends or fun that others have. Sometimes we might even believe that we have been left out of the social circle on purpose, which creates even deeper problems of anxiety and depression.

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Social media is NOT a real representation of society. It’s a mirage that can convince us of things that are simply not true. Don’t let those lies affect your future- chat with us now.