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New Year, New You?

New Year’s resolutions are common to many, but if you want my opinion, I haven’t found that making a resolution on January 1st is the magic formula. Resolutions aren’t bad, because it’s always a good idea to look at one’s self and try to figure out if there are things in a person’s life that needs to be changed. But the idea of new year, new you? If only it were that easy.

Let’s start with a simple project of self awareness. Get a piece of paper, or a device to type on, and begin to answer this question:

What people, circumstances, or things are keeping me from living a full life?

And here are the rules while doing this: get it all out. Move past emotion, move past guilt, and look beyond allegiances you’ve build because of time spent with some of these people.

You need to be as objective as possible.

What people in your life are toxic? Are there any people that you need that may be unhealthy for you? An example is a boyfriend that abuses you verbally but you pretend that’s “just the way he is.

What things in your life are escapism vehicles? Food, painkillers, porn? Some people use shopping or technology as an escape. These are generally things that we think help us but often imprison us by creating a unhealthy dependance.

Lastly, what circumstances are in your life that are causing you to orbit around defeat? Are you in a work environment where your co-workers curse the world around them? Is your family so dysfunctional that your potential to live a full healthy life is sucked into their black hole?

After you get your list together, why not chat anonymously with us here at RemedyLIVE.com so we can help you unpack what’s holding you back from living a full life? Just click the “CHAT NOW WITH A SOULMEDIC” banner at the top of the screen to begin a conversation. It’s 100% free and it’s our privilege to hear your story.

You were created for so much more than you can ever imagine. Let us help you make some resolutions that can make an eternal difference with your future and your one and only life.