To The Hopeless

You look at your life. You see the moments you are living in and that’€™s just about it. You can’€™t picture anything to come’€¦anything greater or anything worth it. You search, you try to orchestrate something in your brain, some event or some situation, that would make the pain you are feeling now, worth it’€¦as long as you get to that point. Instead. You end up just sitting there mind blank as if you are just staring at a black wall. Nothing really coming nothing really going, just empty thoughts and missing dreams. You remember a time when the world seemed like this beautiful new place with endless possibilities. Maybe you remember the event that changed that for you’€¦ or maybe it just crept in slowly at first, then suddenly all at once. Suddenly you’€™re in a place where the questions ‘€œWhat’€™s my purpose?’€ ‘€œWhat’€™s the purpose of life?’€ ‘€œWhy am I here?’€ fill your brain and rob your thoughts.

You feel hopeless. You feel lost’€¦like your running in the dark desperately chasing after the light‘€¦but you don’€™t know where to find it, at this point willing to try anything.

We get it. Many of us have been there ourselves. Here at RemedyLIVE we want you to know that you are not alone. You are not the only person who has felt this way and you are not the last person either. Life is difficult and at times extremely overwhelming’€¦but that light you are searching for’€¦those answers you are seeking’€¦there are answers for them. You have a purpose. There is a reason you are here, a reason far greater than anything you could ever imagine for yourself. Most importantly there is a hope. There is a reason to keep going and to push through the tough times. We would love to chat with you about what that is and help you to see the hope for your life when it’€™s hard for you to see it yourself. We are here to listen to your heart and to be a person to talk through your struggles with. Chat with us today by clicking on the Chat Now button on the homepage or by texting the word ‘€œRemedy’€ to 494949.

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