Porn: Traps and Temptations

Traps and temptations come in many different forms. We often think of traps as object to capture and kill. When stuck in these traps, our attention is completely set on finding ways out. Although, some traps are made to distract us and control our thought process.

Pornography for example, is a trap that tempts you even when you think you are free. When you are home alone with your laptop out, knowing that the porn is only a few clicks away. You tell yourself that this isn’€™t a problem. You think that you can stop at any time. The temptation just becomes stronger and stronger. You are hooked by porn. Now you go to bedroom and lock the door. For good measure, you delete your browsing history in fear of someone accessing your laptop will find out what you have been looking at. You believe the lies of porn.

After years of being trapped by the power of porn, you being to feel down and realize the problem it has become. You fall into a rut, letting temptation control. The appetite is too much to fight. You continue to look at porn. You feel worse every time afterwards. You want to get out of the trap you have fallen into, but just cant seem to find any victory. You might abstain for a couple days, but your appetites are too much to fight.

Whenever you get discourage when you fall back into the trap’€” remember redemption is possible. Freedom from your addiction can be a reality. You are strong enough to overcome the temptations.

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