Lonelier Than Before

Depression can leave you feeling lonelier than you were before – before the thoughts started chewing at your mind driving you crazy, causing you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do like self-harming, doing drugs, and having sex. Doing anything to make the hole in your chest go away or to fill up on its own. I feel these unhealthy habits limit us from talking to anyone. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think it’s safe to say that some teens would rather deal with depression in their own way, not liking what happens when we tell our parents or friends what’s been going on. We automatically feel that medication and multiple therapy appointments will be what our lives will consist of.

From my experiences with depression I can tell you every day will seem like the biggest struggle of your life. It leaves you feeling tired, alone, and anxious. I’m no doctor or psychiatrist, but I am strong believer in talking your feelings out. It may seem too difficult or shameful to talk through this rough patch in your life, but that’s just it, it’s just an obstacle on your journey in becoming the better you. I know it seems quite odd but God works in mysterious ways and if I’m allowed to say, I would say God sometimes works in the most confusing, but helpful, ways. I’m not sure if you reading this is a believer of Jesus, but I would like to say that no matter what you go through you will always get through it with Him. // Written by Kia J

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Attempt To Make A Change

Kurt Cobain. Robin Williams. Chester Bennington. All three men followed different paths throughout their lives, but ultimately had similar endings. These men all tragically took their lives – they did not commit suicide.

Referring to the act of taking one’s own life as ‘committing’ is incorrect. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word commit as a pledge or bind to a certain course or policy. When an individual kills himself or herself, they are not pledging to anything. They simply want the hopelessness to disappear.

By looking at the tragic end to Robin Williams’s life, we were able to finally witness the true emotions experienced by the comedic legend.  To many, Williams seemed like a genuinely happy person whose bright personality shown through with every character he portrayed.

Kurt Cobain and Chester Bennington were musicians who brought joy to the lives of their fans.  They both did so much to enrich those around them, but sadly some will not remember who they were as people.  These remarkable individuals will forever be remembered by some as people who took their own life – placing a black mark on their history.

Oftentimes, people who are struggling tend to settle for the short-term solution, the only option they see fit – taking their own life. The only way for me to feasibly explain depression is by describing it as a constant uphill battle, with each attempt at reaching the top ultimately ending in yet another slip up.

With that, I want to challenge people to be cautious and think before referring to this act as ‘committing suicide.’ There is too much negative connotation associated with the aforementioned phrase.  Alternatives such as ‘died by’ or ‘attempted’ convey more positivity and acceptance.  It is important that the loved ones of those who take their own lives do not feel as if they did something bad or wrong, but rather understand the reasoning behind the actions.

Suicide is not a crime. Victims of suicide just want their difficulties to go away. Every life deserves dignity and respect, even those that ended prematurely.

If you are struggling right now it’s important to talk with a trusted adult and try to remove yourself from that situation. We here at RemedyLIVE would love to help in any way we can. Chat anonymously online with one of our SoulMedics today by clicking the CHAT banner at the top of the page OR text the number 494949 within the United States. We are available to listen to you 24/7. We chat. We listen. We love.


I Can’t Escape Anxiety

Do you ever worry? About money, school, grades, acceptance, maybe even relationships. Getting yourself so overwhelmed while you think about every potential outcome. Overthinking EVERYTHING until the loudest voice in your head is panic repeating itself of ‘€œwhat if.’€ You know that constantly thinking about whatever it is wont change the outcome; you wish you could just release it and finally get

No Need For Anxiety some sleep. You lay awake at night thinking about it sometimes you maybe even dream about it. Your anxiety is preventing you from completing daily activities and keeps you from enjoying experiences. You see what it is doing to you and you want it to stop, but you don’€™t know how to release it or where to start. Sometimes the anxiety can build up so much so fast that it feels out of control and you might start to feel like you are alone. As if you are fighting these worries all by yourself. But you aren’€™t.

Here at RemedyLIVE we care. We know the heaviness of anxiety and panic and we are here to help. We chat, we listen, and we love.

If you or someone you know is struggling with feeling overwhelmed or anxious, it’€™s important that they get the struggle out by talking to a trusted adult who can help you take the next steps you need to get the help you deserve.

You’€™re never alone and your life is so valued. Sometimes it just takes the courage to open up to someone about how you are really doing. What you are struggling with and how you are feeling. As humans we all long to be known, because when we feel known and supported, difficulties in our lives become less intimidating. We have people who want to hear you out and help you right now in our RemedyLIVE chat center. Chat with us today!