When You Hurt More Than Just Yourself

Who are the most important people in your life? Why do you value them so much? In life, we surround ourselves with people we find knowledgeable, influential, or just great company due to similar interest. They are often the ones closest to us. Our friends and family.

Now that you have been thinking and have that person in mind; was there a time where you did something to hurt them? Or rather they hurt you. Do you remember how it felt when you were in pain?  What if you were the one who caused someone else to feel the sting? How was the situation handled? Depending on the situation, a relationship can hang in the balance between being saved or severed. As a result, friendships can be broken and never put back together. Drug and alcohol addiction, as well as abuse, affects more than just yourself, but the people you love as well.

The brain and body are greatly affect by the use of drugs and alcohol. Even when the drug user decides to ignore those warnings, they forget they are actually hurting the people around them.  The effects from the drugs can lead to emotional outbreaks and violence. All self-control is lost.

Drugs and alcohol cause people to stumble. Addiction leads to a broken road. Not only can it suck the user down, but the people around them. Would you want someone in your life dragging you down? Thankfully, we have a savior that is here to pick us up when we fall. Remember there is hope and freedom. Although things might be grim, nothing is too much for God to handle. Throw your troubles on to Him and he will take care of the rest.  If you know someone who is struggling, or you currently are, take heart in knowing God is not through yet. He will never abandon you. Not now, not ever. He will continue to work. 

Are you currently or have ever be affect by drugs and alcohol? Are you a user? Discouraged about where you are in life because your problems have become too big for you to deal with alone? Here at RemedyLIVE’€”we believe in the power of conversation. Do not fight the issues controlling you alone. Let us be an asset to you. Talk with a SoulMedic’€”a trusted adult waiting to hear from you about what is troubling you. They are willing to help and want the best for you. Chat with us today! We chat, we listen, we love.

Drugs and Alcohol: The Party Scene

The party scene is a place full of action and drama. Friends come together to blow off some steam and enjoy the people around after a long week. Not all parties though follow the norm of serving good food, punch, and silly games for everyone to laugh at each. Instead, temptations that can be harmful like drugs and alcohol are sometimes present.

People are in one room, throwing ping-pong balls and quarters into cups of beer. While in another room, others are making deals for pills so they can feel a buzz later that night and the rest of that week. You are attending this party with a couple of friends who heard about it at school. Your friends join in with the drinking and game. Another buddy buys some pills from a few suspicious characters you have never seen before. Have you experience a party like this?

What do you do in this situation? Do you join the crowd and try to fit in? Remember the dangers that come with using drugs and alcohol. The risk of overdosing, alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, even mixing the two together will put your life into serious jeopardy. Just because others around you are doing it doesn’€™t make it cool or right. Addiction can be crippling to yourself and ones that love you. Nobody wants to see you go into rehab. Make the decisions that will benefit you in the long run, rather than the short-term pleasure.

Are you struggling with drugs, alcohol, or any other issue that is affecting you? The best thing you can do is talk about it. Keeping it bottled up inside you allows your struggles to maintain its hold on you. Talk with a SoulMedic on our anonymous 24/7 chat. Begin a conversation by clicking, ‘€˜chat now,’€™ on our homepage. Chat on your cell phone too. Text the word, ‘€˜remedy,’€™ to 494949. SoulMedics are waiting and willing to chat with you, as well as help you through whatever you may be troubling you. Don’€™t fight this alone. Allow us to be a resource to you. Chat with us today! We chat, we listen, we love.

You Are Not Defined By Failure

Failure. A word we don’€™t wish to be associated with. We live in a world where our successes and failures define who we are. People are quick to make snap judgments and assumptions from what you have done. Then expectations are set for our future because of our past mess-ups.

Failure is an option in all scenarios of life, whether we like it or not.

We all have felt the fear of failing and have dealt with at some point in life. At school and that upcoming exam that makes or breaks your GPA. At work when your job depends on meeting the deadline finishing the project that will take the business to knew highest. Also, the feeling of shame when we let a friend down can lead towards negative feelings about ourselves. How do you handle failure? Do you run and hide? Fall into a state of depression? What if you used failure to glorify God?

God sent his one and only son to die for our sins and failures. He continues to love us through the hardships of life, even we when we don’€™t feel like we make the grade. He will use our failures and trials to make us stronger for his glory.

Our identity is found through Christ. This is where we find comfort. The creator loves you for who you are, not for what you have done. Go to God to find relief from your failures.

Here at RemedyLIVE, We chat, we listen, we love. We want to assist you in your walk with Christ. If you are dealing with a failure or struggle with faith, chat with a SoulMedic on our 24/7 chat. We care about where you going in lie and wish to walk with you. There are people who are willing and wanting to help you with whatever issue you are going through. Chat with us today.

You are a Work in Progress

We all strive to be perfect. We wish to be perfect. The world we live in has set standards of perfection that only a few who set the bar can live up to. Falling short of perfection defined by societies standards happens quite often when we attempt to live up to them.

For example, we allow for society to tell us what we should look like, dress, and act. Even though you may dress like them, do you feel satisfied? You invest into the next big trend, yet you feel like something is missing. Although you are up to date on the next big thing, nothing seems to fill the missing void.

Society also tells you sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage is fine. Once you become intimate, you feel depressed. You begin to feel as if you have lost something and it cannot be returned. Forgiveness feels so far away. You know you have made a mistake.

However, God doesn’€™t care about the mistakes you have made in the past’€”He only cares about where you are going. He offers grace to everyone, no matter how bad one feels about their past. He loves you unconditionally. Even though, you may be going through a struggle, God is always there and will never abandon you. Yes the pain you may have is hard, but God is not finished with you. In the end, you are His masterpiece. He wants to forgive you.

Here at RemedyLIVE’€”we chat, we listen, we love.

Are you going through a struggle with no one to talk to? Allow us to be a resource to you. We have trusted adult’€™s standing-by’€”waiting to have a conversation with you. On our homepage, click ‘€˜chat now’€™ to talk with a SoulMedic on our 24/7 anonymous chat. We believe talking is the first step towards freedom. Chat with us today!

Porn: Traps and Temptations

Traps and temptations come in many different forms. We often think of traps as object to capture and kill. When stuck in these traps, our attention is completely set on finding ways out. Although, some traps are made to distract us and control our thought process.

Pornography for example, is a trap that tempts you even when you think you are free. When you are home alone with your laptop out, knowing that the porn is only a few clicks away. You tell yourself that this isn’€™t a problem. You think that you can stop at any time. The temptation just becomes stronger and stronger. You are hooked by porn. Now you go to bedroom and lock the door. For good measure, you delete your browsing history in fear of someone accessing your laptop will find out what you have been looking at. You believe the lies of porn.

After years of being trapped by the power of porn, you being to feel down and realize the problem it has become. You fall into a rut, letting temptation control. The appetite is too much to fight. You continue to look at porn. You feel worse every time afterwards. You want to get out of the trap you have fallen into, but just cant seem to find any victory. You might abstain for a couple days, but your appetites are too much to fight.

Whenever you get discourage when you fall back into the trap’€” remember redemption is possible. Freedom from your addiction can be a reality. You are strong enough to overcome the temptations.

Don’€™t fight these issues alone. Here at RemedyLIVE, we want to help. Do you feel like you have no one you can talk to about your struggles? Why not chat with us? You can talk with an adult on our 24/7 anonymous chat room. Go to our homepage and click ‘€˜chat now’€™ to get started. You can also text the word, ‘€˜Remedy,’€™ to 494949 and chat with a SoulMedic on your phone. Let us help. Chat with us today!

Growing Up with an Abusive Father

You grow up in a typical family, with mom, dad, and a few other siblings. Everything is life is great. Everybody is happy and gets along. But one day, something is different with dad. His has been more angry than normal. Maybe he is just stressed with work. So you assume it is just a phase and hope everything will go back to the way things were.

Later, you notice mom hasn’€™t been herself lately either. She is quiet. Her head is down most of the day. She has also not been around the house as much either. Dad asks you do vacuum the house. Once you are finished, he is frustrated with you because you didn’€™t do it fast enough. He screams and lashes out. He then hits you in the face. You bleed and cry with no one to go to. It all makes sense. Dad has been physically abusing mom and now you.

You run to your room and lock the door. You sit in the corner sobbing. Your mind starts running, overcome by the moment of being physically abused. Questions being to swirl’€”how could he do this? Why would he hit me? I thought he loved us? Days pass and you feel unsafe. Dad is becoming more and more angry. It is almost the new norm for him to be continually screaming and shouting. You then start to despise your dad. You dream of when you grow-up; you will never be the person he was.

However, we have a God watching over us who loves you unconditionally. In the moments when we have no one to run or talk to, God is always there for you and He will never leave your side when your earthly father may have left you.

Here at RemedyLIVE, we want to help. Do you feel like you have no one you can talk to about your struggles? Why not chat with us? You can talk with an adult on our 24/7 anonymous chat room. Go to our homepage and click ‘€˜chat now’€™ to get started. You can also text the word, ‘€˜Remedy,’€™ to 494949 and chat with a SoulMedic on your phone. Don’€™t fight these issues alone. Let us help. Chat with us today!

Emotions and Self-Harm

Emotions can be stronger than we think. We sometimes only acknowledge emotions like happiness, sad, and anger to name a few. The emotions we run away from like depression, disgust, and fear can overrun our thinking process. This in turn affects our coping methods of dealing with those emotions

How do you handle those emotions? Do you run and hide? Do you sit and sulk feeling horrible about whatever may have happened? Maybe you resort to self-harm? The method of harming yourself can vary. Many see cutting as an escape. According to, 55% of those who cut say they use it as a way to get their minds off of their problems. 45% say it helped them to relax or relieve stress.

Of course, this is not the only form of self-harm. Some people resort to burning themselves with a lit match, cigarettes, or other hot objects to put over a flame. Simpler forms include punching or hitting oneself. This is an attempt to numb the internal pain of an issue by trying to replace it with physical pain.

However, there is a God who loves you and is offering you grace and healing. He wants you to come to him with all your issues and problems. Offering those to him can help you release the emotional toll you put on yourself, inside of keeping them bottled up.

If you are addicted to self-harming or any other issue and want to find a way out, RemedyLIVE is committed to having a conversation with you. We chat, we listen, we love. If you are going through hard times, we want to hear from you. Talk with a trusted adult on our anonymous chat by clicking ‘€œchat now,’€ on our homepage. Can’€™t get to a computer, text the word ‘€œRemedy,’€ to 494949 and chat on your phone. We want to help you through the struggles life presents. You are not alone and it is never to late start a conversation. Chat with us today!

The Accessibility of Porn

We live in a technologic world. Everything and anything can be accessed in a matter of seconds with a quick click of the mouse. It can also be from anywhere in the world using either your phone or tablet. The Internet can be a used as a tool for work, fun, and social intake. But more often than not, it is used to fill peoples mind with filth society says is ‘€œokay.’€

The access to pornography has increasingly become faster and easier than ever before. According to Covenant Eyes, research shows that 1 in 5 searches for porn are from mobile devices. It is easy to view. Once you are isolated at home alone, in your room with a tablet, the temptation can become overwhelming. According to Fight the New Drug, 25% of search engine requests are sex related. That is about 68 million searches a day. But it is easy to hide when you clear your browsing history.

Having a run-in with porn is becoming a more and more regular occurrence, even when it is not be purpose. Covenant Eyes found in a survey from 2010, over 25% of teens ages 16 and 17 were exposed to porn online, ‘€œWhen they did not want to see it.’€ No one is in the clear from facing the dangers of finding porn online, even if you didn’€™t mean to. It could be a tempting advertisement or link that popped up during your web browsing. However, the age when kids first experience porn has become younger and younger and is very alarming. Fight the New Drug also discovered the average age of being exposed to porn for the first time is at 11 years old.

The numbers are staggering. If you caught in the trap of pornography and wish to find freedom, talk with us. Don’€™t let your struggle stay a secret. We know the pain you are going through. Here at RemedyLIVE, we want to come along-side you with whatever you may be going through. You can chat with a SoulMedic. These are trusted adults who are willing and waiting to have a conversation with you. Click ‘€˜chat now’€™ on our homepage to engage with them. We chat, we listen, we love. Chat with us today!

Date Rape: Road To Recovery

You knew that there was a risk and you knew that it happened to some people’€”but you didn’€™t expect it to happen to you. You trusted them. You trusted him’€¦or maybe you hardly knew him at all. Regardless, you expected more from yourself and thought you had a better judge of character. If only you could just go back and change your decision’€”if only you could just go back and undo that entire day. Memories swarm your mind and overwhelm your emotions leaving you disgusted and unable to push forward with yourself. How are you supposed to feel? How are you supposed to move on? How are you supposed to forget? Although you know that what happened to you wasn’€™t fair and that you didn’€™t deserve it, you still blame yourself.

They/He stole something from you’€”an innocence, a comfort, something precious and intimate. Something that was yours. Previously you hadn’€™t realized that all of it could be taken from you so quickly. But it did, just like that it happened changing your life forever. As time passes the feelings of isolation and filthiness get worse. You don’€™t want to view yourself this way, but you don’€™t know how to stop. You’€™re not you anymore’€”you’€™re scared, lack self-confidence, and hardly have a desire to do any of the things you used to hold so dearly in your heart. If only you could scream out your frustration to the world around you. If only you could have people understand what you are going through and find people who know how to help you. But would anyone really understand?

The truth is, there are people who get it. There are unfortunately a lot of people who get it. Despite the traumatic situation and unfortunate experience, the truth is there are many who have been able to find hope despite what happened to them. There are many who have been able to rise above and take back their life’€¦ but the key to their success was by not doing it alone…by not keeping their story a secret. There are people who care about you. People who deeply care about you and love you. Here at RemedyLIVE we are here to chat, listen, and love. We want you to know that you are never alone and we want to help you get the help that you deserve. Chat with us today by clicking the ‘€œChat Now’€ button on the homepage or by texting ‘€œRemedy’€ to the number 494949.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Why do good people die? Why do hard workers lose their jobs? Why are loving parents unable to conceive children? Why do innocent children get abused? Why do thousands of people die from hunger and thirst? If there is a God out there, a loving God, why does he allow you to suffer?

The pain you feel. The deep overpowering hurt that fills your thoughts. The instant replay rolling through you head on a never-ending cycle. The harsh reality that you genuinely don’€™t know how to move on from this. You feel so small because of the storm of trauma and fear that’€™s standing right in front of you. The world is scary. Everywhere you turn, every news report, every paper, and every article shared on Facebook is filled with dark deeds done by bad people and unpreventable events done to helpless people. You can’€™t escape it. You want to keep living your life and pretend like these things don’€™t affect you. Pretend like you aren’€™t worried every time you’€™re walking alone or leaving the country. The worst part is, there are no answers. No explanations. No reasons or justifications. It appears to be nothing but pain.

So why? Why do bad things happen? Doesn’€™t God know that it hurts?

If you or someone you know is struggling with working through a traumatic event or difficult situation, we would love to chat with you. We are here to chat, listen, love and help you to get the help/answers you deserve. The world can be a confusing place and keeping it bottled in can be more damaging than processing through it with someone who has an open ear. Someone who has your best interest in mind and someone who wants to help you in whichever way they can. Our SoulMedics are available 24/7 you can either chat in by texting the word ‘€œRemedy’€ to 494949 or by clicking the button ‘€œChat Now’€ on the home screen