Being Vulnerable Leads to Freedom

Do you remember a time when you felt vulnerable? How did it feel? Vulnerability can make a person feel weak, exposed, and useless. It can be a very uncomfortable situation. Parts of our lives are covered up due to how embarrassing it feels. They are secrets.

Think about what your secret may be? Is it something that you can’€™t live without? Often times, a secret like this controls how we think and act in different aspects of our lives. It affects how we operate on a day-to-day basis because something in us need to be satisfied. These secrets become desires our appetites must be fulfill. You try to handle the secret on your own. As a result, the power it holds on you proves to be too much.

We all have had or are going through a struggle. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable however can in-fact be a good thing. Being able to be open and honest with yourself, a friend, and God can lead to victory over the issues controlling you. Openness with a friend and God can give you strength to overcome any struggle that comes in life. Get real about how the secret in your life is weighing you down, rather than letting it continue to control you. When you are real with someone about your specific secret , then the power it has on you loses some of its grip on you. Find a trusted adult who you are comfortable with. Be honest with each others struggles while walking through life together.

Here at RemedyLIVE’€”we chat, we listen, we love.

Are you holding a secret? Do you want to talk to about it your issue, although you feel as if you have no one to go? We have a 24/7 chat with access to a SoulMedic’€”a trusted adult waiting and wanting help you through whatever struggle you may be in. You can also chat on your mobile device. Text the word, ‘€˜REMEDY’€™ to 494949 to start a conversation on your phone. Don’€™t keep your issue a secret. Talking about the pain is the first step towards freedom. Start chatting with us today!

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