When Do I Walk Away From The Relationship?

The relationship began and it was great. You couldn’€™t get enough of each other. Spending every amount of free time together, constantly texting, and snap chatting throughout the day. Gradually the other person started to become a part of your life. Introducing them to your friends, your family you were so excited to start this new season. Having someone to pursue, to know you, tell you nice things, and make you feel loved. How could anything go wrong? This must be the one. You could never be happier.

Time goes by.

They begin telling you things about yourself that hurt. Sliding in little remarks that hit way deeper than you think they will. Things like ‘€œyou’€™re hard to handle. Most people couldn’€™t put up with it. You’€™re lucky you have me.’€ Or maybe ‘€œIf you loved me, you would go further.’€ Sometimes things like, ‘€œWell if you don’€™t let me do what I want, than I will find someone who will.’€ Small comments that build up making you feel like you have to change whom you are and that you are not good enough for someone who would treat you better. You entertain lies that this is the only person out there and if it doesn’€™t work with them, that you will be alone forever.

You picture the ‘€œperfect’€ relationship you grew up wanting. The one that was influenced by every movie, TV show, and story you read or saw. You are not willing to give up on that dream, and you tell yourself that the person you are in a relationship with will change. Your expectations of them lower so anytime they are rude or disappoint you’€¦ you make an excuse as to why and every time they do something honorable or loving, it surprises you so much that you allow your excitement to blind you from everything else they have done. Plus, lets be honest’€¦who wants to start over? But when you are honest with yourself, deep down you know that this relationship will never be the one you imagined.

Relationships are tricky and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the decision of staying with them, or breaking up. Here at RemedyLIVE we care about you. We never want you to feel alone in making a difficult decision and want to help you take the steps necessary to get the help you deserve. Chat with us today.

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