When You Hurt More Than Just Yourself

Who are the most important people in your life? Why do you value them so much? In life, we surround ourselves with people we find knowledgeable, influential, or just great company due to similar interest. They are often the ones closest to us. Our friends and family.

Now that you have been thinking and have that person in mind; was there a time where you did something to hurt them? Or rather they hurt you. Do you remember how it felt when you were in pain?  What if you were the one who caused someone else to feel the sting? How was the situation handled? Depending on the situation, a relationship can hang in the balance between being saved or severed. As a result, friendships can be broken and never put back together. Drug and alcohol addiction, as well as abuse, affects more than just yourself, but the people you love as well.

The brain and body are greatly affect by the use of drugs and alcohol. Even when the drug user decides to ignore those warnings, they forget they are actually hurting the people around them.  The effects from the drugs can lead to emotional outbreaks and violence. All self-control is lost.

Drugs and alcohol cause people to stumble. Addiction leads to a broken road. Not only can it suck the user down, but the people around them. Would you want someone in your life dragging you down? Thankfully, we have a savior that is here to pick us up when we fall. Remember there is hope and freedom. Although things might be grim, nothing is too much for God to handle. Throw your troubles on to Him and he will take care of the rest.  If you know someone who is struggling, or you currently are, take heart in knowing God is not through yet. He will never abandon you. Not now, not ever. He will continue to work. 

Are you currently or have ever be affect by drugs and alcohol? Are you a user? Discouraged about where you are in life because your problems have become too big for you to deal with alone? Here at RemedyLIVE’€”we believe in the power of conversation. Do not fight the issues controlling you alone. Let us be an asset to you. Talk with a SoulMedic’€”a trusted adult waiting to hear from you about what is troubling you. They are willing to help and want the best for you. Chat with us today! We chat, we listen, we love.

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