Who Am I?

You ask yourself constantly. Desperately trying to get an answer. Desperately trying to understand. For a little while you believe you are one thing, a couple days later it changes, and then someone new comes along who acts a way completely different than any way you have acted before. It enthralls you, so you begin to live like them. Adopting their ways, their interest, and their clothes. Unfortunately, you had a fall out’€¦ and now not only are you not friends anymore but you want nothing to do with them. So here you are left, trying to figure out who you are now.

Do you go back to what you were like before? Do you start something completely new? Asking yourself over and over again, who am I? What do you like to do? What are you like? What do you believe in? The problem is, everything you have believed previously and everything you have to base the answers of these off of’€¦have been situational. You think you believe in one thing, but then someone convinces you otherwise. Everything you stand for is completely temporary, leaving you actually believing in nothing.

So who are you? The world demands an answer, constantly asking and constantly putting you in positions where you have to choose a side. You want satisfaction that never ends, yet you feel completely overwhelmed and there is this longing inside of you that wants to know it’€¦to know who you are.

Here at RemedyLIVE, we get it. We get the struggle of finding identity in this diverse and ever changing world. We also know how easy it can be to feel alone, especially when you have no one to talk about it with. We have SoulMedics ready to help you with just that. Someone who is ready to chat, listen, and love. Chat with us today by texting the word ‘€œRemedy’€ to 49494 or by clicking the Chat Now button on our homepage.

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