You are a Work in Progress

We all strive to be perfect. We wish to be perfect. The world we live in has set standards of perfection that only a few who set the bar can live up to. Falling short of perfection defined by societies standards happens quite often when we attempt to live up to them.

For example, we allow for society to tell us what we should look like, dress, and act. Even though you may dress like them, do you feel satisfied? You invest into the next big trend, yet you feel like something is missing. Although you are up to date on the next big thing, nothing seems to fill the missing void.

Society also tells you sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage is fine. Once you become intimate, you feel depressed. You begin to feel as if you have lost something and it cannot be returned. Forgiveness feels so far away. You know you have made a mistake.

However, God doesn’€™t care about the mistakes you have made in the past’€”He only cares about where you are going. He offers grace to everyone, no matter how bad one feels about their past. He loves you unconditionally. Even though, you may be going through a struggle, God is always there and will never abandon you. Yes the pain you may have is hard, but God is not finished with you. In the end, you are His masterpiece. He wants to forgive you.

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